AeroTech Industries is a branch of the Vancouver Island Air family of companies and has been in business since 1985.  Everyone that works for AeroTech has a passion for aviation and deHavilland aircraft.  Being the sister company to a coastal airline, we understand the needs of our customers.  The Vancouver Island Air AMO and AeroTech Industries product development work alongside one another to continue to make the DHC-3 even better.  

Our Aircraft:

Vancouver Island Air is home to three deHavilland Otters which are the basis for AeroTech's product engineering.

The Otter has the simplicity of being a single engine while being able to haul and modify to the needs of modern day bush flying.  We are aware of the versatility and want the Otter to last as long as possible. 

Our mission is to make the Otter safer, keep it affordable, and make it easier to repair and get it back in the air.  

Looking out for the operator is what we do.