•   Available NOW!... Is an Otter fuel system STC that converts the PT-6 Equipped Otter fuel system from a center tank engine feed to a front tank engine feed.This STC moves in service C of G forward and the low level indicator trigger formatted for a single green to a red warning limit reduced to 36 gallons / 250 pounds. Other changes to system aims at reducing pilot fuel management workload, while allowing the front tank to remain full until all auxiliary tanks are depleted. The STC will be applicable to all standard instrument, and MVP PT6 Otters.
          We are 100% complete, look for our Webmail newsletter in the near future.
          The conversion will take only two AME's with experience on the aircraft approximately one day to complete. 
  • Need aileron and fore-flap high wear items? No problem! We are currently in the PDA (Part Design Approval) process. 
          With our lean manufacturing techniques we will be able to supply you with quality, 
          affordable and accessible aircraft parts.